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    2012 - 07.26

    Madcow, Columbus, Ohio– After consecutive trips to the USAU Club Championships in 2009 and 2010, Madcow narrowly missed out on the opportunity in 2011 with a universe point loss to eventual Quarterfinalist Madison Club at Regionals.  This year’s


    squad has re-tooled with the most athletic team in recent memory led by Kevin Ryan (#99) and Mitch Cihon (#12).  Jared Payne (#8) and Michael Groeber (#10) have returned to anchor the offense. The heart and soul of the team has pulsed through veteran Tim Meyers (#13) and the defensive line over the last few years.  Madcow prides itself on its true 27-man rotation. The additions of former rivals Ben Parris (#7) and Hensley Sejour (#23) should add to that deep pool of talent as Madcow aims to capture the title out of the Great Lakes Region and return to Sarasota in 2012.

    Website: http://www.madcowultimate.com/

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/madcowultimate

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