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    2010 - 08.10

    Safari – San Diego, CA (SW Region) – Safari brings a golden combo of veteran talent and fresh young legs to it’s 2010 team.   With a speedy cadre of new players and our usual strategic wiliness, you can count on Safari for unexpected upsets and gritty competitive play. Team play will be key to our success this season, but since call outs are in order, here’s a few: veteran handlers Shar Stuht (#20) and Vivi Mai (#24) are as always dangerous forces with a disc in their hands, and workhorse cutters and defenders Brenda Stevens (#89) and Jen ‘Poof’ Sanderson (#77) can be counted on to frustrate their opponents on O and D alike. This year’s team is oozing with rising talent and call-out players in the making, and we’re psyched to unleash that potential as we sink our claws into high level play in Santa Cruz!


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