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    2010 - 07.23

    Danny ‘Shredder’ Karlinsky

    In his 6th year as a Labor Day Tournament Director, Karl has been doing nothing but playing Ultimate. The game is his life and sadly, he loves it. His insane drive, OCD-like cravings for perfection and his big goofy smile make him as approachable as a tranquilized saber-toothed tiger. Labor Day weekend marks a special place in his heart and he is beyond happy to make this tournament one of the most successful and competitive events in the world.

    Danny has been playing Ultimate since 2003, also starting with the UCSC Banana Slugs. DLK has played on way too many teams in his career, such as, Revolver, Condors, Voodoo, Emerald City Ultimate and his current team Seattle Sockeye out of Seattle, WA.

    Jeremy ‘JYong’ Yong

    As a second year Captain for the UCSC Banana Slugs, Jeremy is excited to bring his talents from running Cal States, The Sean Ryan Memorial and April Fools West to Labor Day. Having played with the Slugs as they challenged at Nationals in 2010, JYong knows what the elite levels of play feels like and needs from a TD perspective; with his intimate knowledge of the UCSC campus, there is nobody better equipped to take on the on-the-ground operations for 2012 than this young man.

    Known for a disarming smile, crazy layout Ds and innate ability to know your next question, JYong will be the man answering questions all day Saturday and Sunday of the tournament!

    Nathan 'Naytone' Frank

    This is NFrank's 5th year as a LDUC Tournament Director. His work ethic, desire to please and enormous appetite ("I could eat") make him one of the best TD's in the country. Embarking on a Master's degree from UNC this year, Franklin has been doing behind the scenes work for LDUC the past two years.

    Nate has been playing Ultimate since 2004, having a successful run with the UCSC Banana Slugs,as well as the Scumbags and now routinely dominates in Chicago's Ultimate leagues.

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